With Changing to Win I wanted to create a book that carried a single tool for embracing change, motivation and inspiration. Providing a method both easy to remember yet flexible for the reader, illustrated by a story offering examples of how it worked for me to achieve gold medal success.
In Changing to Win, Giles Long MBE, three times Paralympic gold medal winner, world record breaker and cancer survivor, shares his revolutionary model for success. His innovative CHIMO cycle method, based on the principles he has followed throughout his life, reveals how a careful balance of motivation and inspiration can lead to extraordinary changes in performance and accomplishments, both on an individual and team level.

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Illustrated by the author’s own incredible tale of courage, perseverance and Paralympic glory, and
drawing on his own experience as a successful motivational speaker & television presenter,
Changing to Win provides a template for achievement in life and in the workplace.

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Giles Long MBE | Motivational Speaker from Giles long on Vimeo.