Giles is a supporter of the following charities

• Teenage Cancer Trust

o Giles went through the very first TCT ward at the Middlesex Hospital in London when having chemotherapy.

o The charity raises money to put specialist wards into hospitals for teenagers to receive cancer treatment. The results are impressive – those that go through TCT wards are almost 20% more likely to survive.



• SportsAid










o Giles was supported by SportsAid. The charity provides young sportsmen and sportswomen with crucial funding during their development.

o A small amount of money goes a long way with young aspiring athletes and can provide the help with travel, training and competition costs at a time before commercial sponsors take interest.

o In combination with the funding many young athletes cite the recognition from the organisation as a major boost in itself.

o Almost two thirds of the GB Olympic and Paralympic teams will have been supported by SportsAid at some point in their career.


• Streetgames







o Giles supports the work of Streetgames to get young people in inner cities swimming and into sport in general.

o The charity provides a great support network to get young people volunteering.


• Panathlon









o Giles supports the work of Panathlon in getting young people with disabilities into sport at the grassroots level.